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Key Pillars



Catering to the needs of events throughout the year, including music, worship, conferences, dance and more.

Conferences already in the pipeline include
RCCG & Denomination events including:

  • Ordained Ministers Conference
  • Pastors Together
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Workers Rally
  • Regional Retreats
  • Provincial Retreats
  • Youth Summer Camps
  • Ordination Retreats

We will host a vast and wide-ranging array of events including weddings, family celebrations, birthdays, fairs & festivals, art exhibitions, round table dinners, conventions, product launches, classes, workshops,support groups and more.

Heritage assets similar to ours and withinthe surrounding areas have a long list of bookings to which this estate will add to the offer available, enhancing local jobs and surrounding businesses and supply chains.



The upper rooms of the main house will be restored, enhanced and updated to meet todays expectations in a heritage setting.

There are a variety of grand bedrooms,
boutique single bedrooms, ensuite rooms, self-catered apartments and guest houses around the estate.

Within the grounds there will be cabins
overlooking the river for a unique stay
experience along with the opportunity
to camp on the fields when larger scale
events occur.

The estate has always had long-term residents on-site. An elderly living
component to the campus will give new life to the site and its residents.

Community gardens, allotments and
wellbeing facilities will all work together
tosupport the needs of our aging community.

The hotel and catering facilities will be
able to provide hospitality to the needs of the visiting family and friends.

Elderly Living


Restoring the former swimming pool and surrounding grounds will create a new wellbing centre.

A fully operational fitness centre
and outdoor sports including tennis,
basketball and 5-a-side football .

The swimming pool will be restored with
assocaited spa and classes.

RCCG Europe Central Office 

Redemption House, Gunnels Wood Park,

Gunnels Wood Road, Stevenage, Hertfordshire

SG1 2TA, UK  

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